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October 2011 Birchbox

Become beautiful from start to finish with Birchbox's wonderful October products!

Fall Style Haul: Shoes

This episode of Fall Style Haul features my top shoe picks for this fall! See which shoes are in trend and get inspiration when shopping for your own pairs!

Top Ten Thursdays: Lipstick

Check out my new series, called Top Ten Thursdays! Every few Thursdays, I'll be featuring my top ten products - beauty, fashion, health related and more! This week, check out my top ten favorite lipsticks!

What's In My Purse?

Enjoy checking out what others carry around with them in their bag? I show you all of the day-to-day items in my purse I need, use, and love!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail of The Day

I'm constantly changing the color of my nails - I have so many colors that I love (or I discover a new must-have at the store!) - so I can't keep a favorite for more than a couple days! I recently picked up two Essie nail polishes and had to paint my nails with them as soon as I got home.

Essie is rapidly becoming my new favorite brand of nail polish. From their simple yet classy packaging, beautiful colors and formulation, to their wide range of pastels and perfect spring colors, it's no wonder why I seem to be picking up a new shade every time I'm at the store.

I'm usually a bright colors, the-more-glitter-the-better type of girl, but while browsing Essie's display at CVS, two colors caught my eye that I had to grab: Big Spender (below, right) and Blanc (below, left). I'm not one for white nail polish because I've had poor experiences with them in the past. White nail polish can be very streaky and very sheer, so naturally I was hesitant when picking up Essie's white shade. However, having great luck in the past with Essie, I decided to put my trust in them and try this baby out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What's In My Purse?

I got home from school today and was taking out all of my notebooks when I realized, 'I have a lot of things stuffed into this purse!' I've always enjoying watching 'What's In My Purse?' videos on YouTube (Is that weird?) and thought I would change up the idea and do a 'What's In My Purse?' blog post. Hey, maybe some of you of have the same weird fascination that I do when it comes to other girls' purses?..

I'll start off by mentioning that yes, I did take these pictures outside. My room's fluorescent lights were just not doing my bag justice, so I quickly scooted outside and snagged the last bit of natural light before the sun set. Alright! So first, my purse. I found it at Ross maybe.. two years ago? It's a Kathy Van Zeeland hobo-style bag (above) in an amazing metallic purple color. I have a not-so-secret obsession with Betsey Johnson handbags, but no matter what time of the year I always find myself coming back to this purse. It's nice and big to hold all of my loot, and has a zippered divider in the middle to create two sections for me to organize my stuff. I can also stick all four of my school notebooks inside nicely along with an extra calculator and some scantrons if I'm running off to take a test.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 2011 Birchbox

After months of watching people rave about their Birchboxes (and finally learning what all the fuss was about!) I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for my first Birchbox. After anxiously waiting for what seemed like years, I found my Birchbox happily sitting in my mailbox yesterday. I tore it open and was pleasantly surprised to see all the wonderful items I would be able to try out throughout the rest of the month.

Before getting into my 'haul' of samples I received in this month's box, let me explain the concept of 'Birchbox' (I'm sure many of you are in the dark as I used to be!).

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