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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail of The Day

I'm constantly changing the color of my nails - I have so many colors that I love (or I discover a new must-have at the store!) - so I can't keep a favorite for more than a couple days! I recently picked up two Essie nail polishes and had to paint my nails with them as soon as I got home.

Essie is rapidly becoming my new favorite brand of nail polish. From their simple yet classy packaging, beautiful colors and formulation, to their wide range of pastels and perfect spring colors, it's no wonder why I seem to be picking up a new shade every time I'm at the store.

I'm usually a bright colors, the-more-glitter-the-better type of girl, but while browsing Essie's display at CVS, two colors caught my eye that I had to grab: Big Spender (below, right) and Blanc (below, left). I'm not one for white nail polish because I've had poor experiences with them in the past. White nail polish can be very streaky and very sheer, so naturally I was hesitant when picking up Essie's white shade. However, having great luck in the past with Essie, I decided to put my trust in them and try this baby out.

I've had my eye on Essie's Big Spender for a while, and when picking up Blanc, decided to finally go for it. Essie describes Big Spender as "a divine lush red-violet creme," and it seems to me that description is spot-on.
When first applying Blanc, I was nervous because while the formulation wasn't as streaky as one's I've tried in the past, it didn't seem to be very opaque. After a couple more coats, however, my fingers looked fresh out of the snow. I am extremely happy with Blanc and am relieved I'll never have to deal with a bad white polish again. I like to save my ring finger as my "bling" finger, so I decided to apply Big Spender. The polish seemed thin when I took the brush out of the bottle, but after one coat it was practically opaque on my fingers.

Overall I am thrilled with the two polishes and will continue to add to my Essie collection. I am always keeping my Essie polishes with me in my small manicure bag I take along with me on trips when I come home from school just to admire and be able to switch out colors whenever I'm in the mood. Who knows, maybe a whole post dedicated to Essie and featuring my current collection is in store soon?

(Nail polishes that match my Hello Kitty keychain? Win!)

*Note: I am not affiliated with nor being compensated by Essie or Hello Kitty for this review. All opinions are my own.


Love it!!! I am living essie Nail polishes too!! I got memorized and barefoot and topless. Memorized is a pretty blue :-)


I have been searching for Topless & Barefoot forever! All of the CVS and Target's near me have been sold out, and just the other day I went to a Target a little farther away and snagged the last one! Talk about good luck :)

oo wow!! thats awesome. When I got mine it was the last one also!!

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