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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Q&A: May 9

Today for my Monday Q&A I have decided to copy and paste Allison's (Amarixe) questionnaire and list my own answers in this week's post. Allison is a beautiful and respectable person whom I feel I can relate to, and I'm often checking her blog daily to read her latest posts!

I'm going to start posting a Q&A every Monday consisting of ten questions to answer, and would love for all of you to answer the same questions in a comment - it's always fun to see what other people are into and up to these days! I'll be keeping a list of questions to use for future Q&A's as well, so if you have any questions of your own you would like to see me include, leave it in the comments below!
  1. Mood: Currently tired, and on the verge of stressed! I had an action-packed weekend and have not had much down time before getting into my classes and workload for the week! I have a few homework assignments and a midterm due, which means I'm going to be buried in my books until Friday..
  2. What is your favorite summer snack? Anything fruity - smoothies, ice cream, or just simply fresh fruit! I also love hot dogs or anything barbecued and summer-y.
  3. Waterproof mascara - yay or nay? Nay. When it comes to being in the water, I am all about active water sports - wakeboarding, swimming, rafting, you name it - and all of the waterproof mascaras I have tried in my life thus far have not passed the test.
  4. Current Nail Polish: Nothing. My Topless & Barefoot chipped off last week (does anyone else's nails chip as easily as mine seem to?) and I've been too swamped with schoolwork to repaint them yet.
  5. Do you wear a watch? Yep. I got mine from the BP section in Nordstrom for about $16! Pretty cute and goes with every outfit.
  6. What is the ring on your cell phone? I usually keep my cell phone on silent since I'm usually in class, but I do have different ringtones for the special people that call me the most. The songs usually remind me of the person or are by that person's favorite band, so I'm able to recognize who is calling me instantly. For my boyfriend - Backstreet Boys, my mom - Journey, my dad - Bon Jovi, and for all the people who I don't talk to as much - Magic by BoB.
  7. Current Outfit: Forever 21 black denim skinny jeans, a hot pink tank top, and a Forever 21 Hello Kitty jersey.
  8. If you had to do one, would you rather sky dive or take a deep-sea boat 300 feet under sea level? I would probably choose the deep-sea boat. I would love to try skydiving someday (if I can deal with my fear of free-failling), but for some reason the sea fascinates me! I would love to explore underwater - as long as it doesn't require actually swimming with the fish and sea creatures (that's an even bigger fear).
  9. Have you ever had such a bad date that you made an excuse to leave early? Nope. I've only been out with two people in my life!
  10. Weekly Goals: Start and complete my economics homework without staying up until 4am to finish it like my last assignment, and study hard for my accounting midterm on Thursday. I also need to meet up with one of my best friend's when I go home this weekend - she studied abroad on a cruise ship around the world this past semester and I haven't seen her since January!
Happy Monday! I hope everyone is working hard (or studying hard, like me!) and looking forward to the start of summer! If you have a couple minutes to complete the Q&A, copy and paste these questions and post your answers in a comment!
1. Mood:
2. What is your favorite summer snack?
3. Waterproof mascara - yay or nay?
4. Current Nail Polish:
5. Do you wear a watch?
6. What is the ring on your cell phone?
7. Current Outfit:
8. If you had to do one, would you rather sky dive or take a deep-sea boat 300 feet under sea level?
9. Have you ever had such a bad date that you made an excuse to leave early?
10. Weekly Goals:
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