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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Style Haul: Shoes

I've decided to start a new series of posts called Fall Style Haul, where I will feature favorite pieces from my collection. I've been on a shoe kick recently, so I thought I'd start off with featuring some of my favorite shoes to wear during the autumn season! Many of these shoes are more than a year old and may not be available to purchase anymore. However, I will list each store that I purchased the shoes from, so if you're interested in finding something similar, make sure to check those places out!

Fall is probably my favorite season for shoes - the weather is cool enough to wear boots but still nice to continue wearing flats and caged-style wedges. Take a look at some of my favorite shoes to wear during autumn and don't forget to share your thoughts and favorites in the comments below!

On the left are my tan Union Bay booties from TJ Maxx. I got these within the past few months and have been eagerly waiting for the weather to cool down and wear these with some skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. On the right are my black combat boots by Dollhouse that I purchased at Ross back in August. I love wearing these with leggings, a bright floral top, and a matching black bomber jacket.

On the left are my beige wedges that I purchased from Amazon in July. I love wearing these chunky shoes with leggings and a flowy top or a simple dress on a night out. On the right are my Love Culture zebra print flats. These are perfect when walking around campus and are easy to throw on with jeans and a simple top and jacket.

On the left are my grey Forever 21 boots, which are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I often find myself wearing these several times a week, especially when the rainy weather comes around. For Forever 21, these boots are great quality and have lasted me a year so far. On the right are my grey Airwalk moccasin slippers. I mostly wear these around the house, but they are so comfy that I sometimes wear them while running errands or for an early morning class.

On the right are my black studded Forever 21 boots. I feel these boots are just the right combination of sexy and edgy, and love pairing them with a floral dress and studded belt when I'm going out on a date. They are very comfortable to walk in and give style to any outfit (even jeans and a plain white tee!). On the left are my black Soda boots. These are my other favorite pair of shoes and go with any outfit.

Last but not least are my black Mia wedges that I bought online at Macy's during the beginning of the year. Originally close to $80, I got these for $18 with the help of one of Macy's great sale and an awesome coupon. This is the biggest discount I have gotten for any item online and I wear these shoes constantly. They are amazingly comfortable and the buckle detailing stands out against my skin.

Well there you have it! These are my favorite fall shoes that I have already started bring out of my closet for the season. While all found from inexpensive stores, each pair has held up and added great style to all my outfits for the perfect occasion. Stay tuned for more posts in this series as I will cover different clothing items, jewelry and more!

*Note: First image courtesy of Google. I am not affiliated with nor being compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own.


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