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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Q&A: October 3

I am a dedicated reader of Makeup and Beauty Blog, where the author Karen posts a set of fun questions to answer every week and also asks readers to publish their own answers in a comment! I thought this would be a neat idea to start here on LIVandLETDIEx as well!

I'm going to continue posting a Q&A every Monday consisting of ten questions to answer, and would love for all of you to answer the same questions in a comment - it's always fun to see what other people are into and up to these days! I'll be keeping a list of questions to use for future Q&A's as well, so if you have any questions of your own you would like to see me include, leave it in the comments below!
  1. Mood: Productive! I just finished a homework assignment for my environmental economics class and a profile project for my writing class, and am now taking a small break before starting some reading!
  2. Outfit: Forever 21 jeggings, Forever 21 pink tank top, Walmart black hoodie.
  3. Current Nail Polish: No nail polish on my fingers (I'm waiting until later in the week to get gel nails), and Girls Night Out from Julie G's Jesse's Girl collection on my toes.
  4. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Toast topped with strawberry jam and some chocolate milk!
  5. What's on your desk? My desk lamp, a picture of my boyfriend and I, printer, laptop, and some perfumes.
  6. What was your best birthday party? I'd have to say my best birthday party was probably when I turned 14 years old. I had it at a local clubhouse near where I lived and had about 20 friends and classmates there! We sang karaoke and had different races and games, along with a huge tower of cupcakes. It was so much fun, I even had party crashers (don't worry, we kicked them out before the fun was ruined)!
  7. Do you make snap decisions, or do you always think things through? In general, I try to think things through. I am definitely a planner and always like to have something to look forward to in the future. When it comes to shopping, however, I am the most impulsive buyer you will ever meet!
  8. Do you shower in the morning or at night? I usually don't allow myself that much time to shower in the morning (I would rather sleep in as long as possible), so most of the time I shower at night. It allows me to relax after a crazy day.
  9. Are you loving any accessories at the moment? Due to a new school schedule and crazy class hours, I haven't had much time to get ready so I haven't been accessorizing much! I've been sticking to my 'D' initial necklace (for my boyfriend's name).
  10. Weekly Goals: Finish my writing project for Thursday, start my econometrics homework, and pack for Vegas on Friday!
Happy Monday! I hope all of you are getting your week off to a great start and are hopefully having some better weather than this rain I'm having! If you have a couple minutes to complete the Q&A, copy and paste these questions and post your answers in a comment!
1. Mood:
2. Outfit:
3. Current Nail Polish:
4. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
5. What's on your desk?
6. What was your best birthday party?
7. Do you make snap decisions, or do you always think things through?
8. Do you shower in the morning or at night?
9. Are you loving any accessories at the moment?
10. Weekly Goals:
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